Kumar Sanu shares a vegetarian recipe with us. Click here to know more…

Kumar Sanu has cooked up a storm during the lockdown and in an interview with Filmfare ME said this,  “I enjoy cooking because as a child, I saw my mother cook for the entire family with meagre resources. The food was very tasty and since the lockdown I have been cooking daily. My Mumbai home has a small kitchen so I avoid staying in there for long, though, my home in the US has a large American style kitchen where you can spend all day”. Here is a quick vegetarian recipe for you all.

Lauki in Pyaaz ( Bottle-gourd in onion gravy)

Serves 2


1 bottle gourd or lauki

2 big onions

Three teaspoons of Paanch phodan masala used in Bengali cuisine

A pinch of Hing or asafetida

½ tsp of turmeric

½ tsp of chilli powder

1 tbsp oil for the seasoning


Peel and cut the bottle gourd to dices. Cut the onions in the same size. Keep aside.

Take three teaspoons of cooking oil and add the hing, paanch phodan masala and the salt and sauté the onions in it. Once they are brown, add the haldi powder, mirch powder and add the bottle gourd. Let it cook for 20 minutes with the lid closed and then 5 minutes with the lid open. Switch off the flame and serve with rotis or rice.



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